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    syncronize Camera RAW not working when Auto is used


      I have a problem with settings not being updated in Camera RAW when using the 'Auto' function.

      I have to equalize exposure on a large number of RAW files (often 500+). The Auto function would be great, if it would only apply to the Exposure and not the other settings like contrast.


      To reproduce:

      Open 20 RAW files

      Select all images

      Click 'auto' under the 'tint slider'

      Observe that settings change on all images


      Now change any of the following settings (but NOT the Exposure slider!):

      - Contrast

      - Highlights

      - Shadows

      - Whites

      - Blacks


      Problem: only the settings on the first image are updated, the other images are not edited.


      When you change the Exposure slider, the other settings are updated (probably because the 'auto' mode is disabled).


      I have uploaded a small screen recording of this problem here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGx6wV5v774&feature=youtu.be


      Using 'Synchronize' it is also not possible to copy over the settings to all images.


      I contacted Adobe over the phone, but they can only give the usual nonsense (reset your preferences, reinstall Photoshop, etc).


      I see other people with the same problem, did anybody find a solution or a workaround?