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    Spot Color Printing With Drop Shadows

    dfarro Level 1

      Hi - I am working on a project in Indesign that will be spot printed with just one Pantone color and black.  I am using ID CC 2014.  I did this same project last year without issue.  However, this year the printer is saying that the drop shadows are showing up as boxes around the elements they are applied to - text and photos.  She said she has had another customer with the same issue.  Is there a bug in Indesign 2014?  Has anyone else had this issue?  Aside from removing all drop shadows, does anyone have any

      ideas  of how to fix this or any work arounds?  Here is a screenshot of what she sees when she prints it.  I am exporting from Indesign as a High Quality Print - compatibility:  Acrobat 4, Standard: None.



      2014-07-18  From Printer.jpg


      Thanks in advance for the help,