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    Problem with Firefox

    doug777 Level 1
      I've been struggling with this problem for some weeks on and off, but I can't solve it.

      All my projects have the same problem when viewed in Firefox from a remote web server. They have no problems in IE from any source or in Firefox on my local server.

      The problem is that they all appear in a small window 240px wide and 200px high with scrollbars.

      Any html content is displayed normally, just the swf is confined to this tiny window and cannot be expanded.

      My wrapper files are the same as index.template.html and changing the width and height settings from 100% to any other value has no effect.

      I really would be grateful if anyone could suggest where I might look to find the problem.

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          levancho Level 3
          you mean firefox opons up minimumized with scrollbars?

          if so what happens if you maximumize the browser?
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            doug777 Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.

            No Firefox is normal. But the swf is confined to an area 240px wide and 200px high with vertical and horizontal scrollbars and at the x and y position set. The base Canvas in the swf is set to 1050px by 750px and all the widths and heights in the wrapper are set to 100%.

            I cannot see any difference between the wrapper created by Flex on the local server and the one I have on the web server, yet the problem only occurs from the web server.

            Equally I cannot see any difference in the View Source code in the browser from the two sources, but Firefox must be seeing some difference somewhere.

            Can anyone suggest anything else that could be causing the problem? And why is the swf size always this strange size even if I change the wrapper sizes. There is nothing anywhere in my code that is set to 200px or 240px.

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              doug777 Level 1
              Finally fixed the problem by changing the wrapper file from the one supplied with Flex Buider 2 to the one supplied with Flex Builder 3.

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                I, too, have been having the same problem with Firefox. I found that if I put in a specific size for the Application, instead of using height=100%, width=100%, it would render correctly. Of course that presents other problems when the app renders in other browsers. I have Flex Builder 2 and so haven't been able to try the Flex 3 solution. I wasn't sure if it was a Firefox issue or a Flex issue--does anyone know the specific problem? Thanks!