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    Are there flexible modules/layout/groups in Indesign?


      I don't own Indesign and I just want to make sure that it has this feature before I purchase it at my company.
      I'm creating a checklist document which will be given to clients with a number of notes. The checklist will be formatted as follows:          


      Check or X            List Item

      Notes notes notes notes

      Description description.

      I have about 80 of these checklist items, and I'd like to create each of them as a group, such that if the notes and description are too large, they will push all future groups down the page or onto another page so that they don't overlap. I originally was going to make it all in photoshop but each note area his highly customized to each client I have, and formatting all of that manually would be a pain in the butt. Is this a possible feature in indesign? Or should I just figure out how to make it look nice in Word and save myself the trouble? Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if I made sense.