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    Enumeration problem consuming clickandbuy web service

      I have built a cf app that will consume Click & Buy´s SOAP interface RMI (Registration Manager Interface) to register new Users. Click & buy states that the SOAP interface is 1.2 compliant, but my test with different generic soap client indicates that it is not true.

      Any way I have managed to do all the structs and arrays, but get stuck on a enumerated value. I got this error:

      Could not perform web service invocation "registerUser".
      Here is the fault returned when invoking the web service operation:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch

      I have read all the documentation for the RMI, so I know the right values. But I do not know how to set a value to type enumerated. I have installed all the lates hotfixes (CFMX 7.02, win 20003), tested to consume other web services like babelfish and a weather service with no problem. I have also googled and read all threads on the subject, and that there was a fix for this problem in the work back in 2005. I think that by now there should be a fix for the enum problem so that you don´t have to use bad temporay solutions, but I have found nothing!

      I have also run the web service with wsdl2java and examined the classes with Eclipse. I´m no Java programer but I think I have manged to pin point the origin of the error message in the RegistrationManagerRegistrationGender class.

      It feels as I am stuck on the finish line.

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