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    Is there any way to stop or, ideally, relocate ToolTips in PE 11?


      Hello. I control PE by voice using NaturallySpeaking, and it's incredibly annoying that tooltips pop up directly under the cursor and block clicking of anything underneath.  By the time the tool tip is gone, the handle I wanted to grab is often gone as well, so it becomes a crazy game of trying to give  the command for mouse movement and then the command for dragging or whatever with timing fast enough to get things done before the tooltip comes up and yet slow enough that NaturallySpeaking recognizes the two separate commands. Not sure if that's clear, but the point is that  if there were some way to get tooltips to pop up just one pixel lower or one pixel further to the right, life would be a lot easier..


      I don't actually expect there to be a setting for the location of the tooltip, so I guess that's more of a suggestion for Adobe developers. A second-best option would be some way to turn off all of those tooltips that come up when hovering over clips on the timeline.




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          For now I will assume that you are using Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit.


          I have not found the answer to getting rid of tool tips in Premiere Elements. Suspect there is no way, but here are my present thoughts on that matter.


          From the point of view of the mouse cursor use, it takes some maneuvering trying to place a transition without the "Drag & Drop Transition Between Clips" Palette with the transition choices getting in the way of the spot on the Timeline where I want to place the transition selected in the Palette. I have been clicking on the transition that I want in the Palette and then, holding the click, drag the transition to a clear spot in the track to get rid of the Palette, allowing me to see the Timeline content.....still holding the click, then I drag the transition into place on the Timeline track.


          I have never worked with the Naturally Speaking software, and I have my doubts about how it might handle that particular kind of maneuver.


          I took a wild chance at un-selecting the "Show Pop description for folder and desktop items" in Windows Folder Options, but that did not work for me to block tool tips in Premiere Elements 12/12.1.


          This is not Adobe. Just user to user. You might want to file an Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Forum about this matter. That would be the route to the Adobe engineers.

          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form