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    Captions before image a horrible faux pas?

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,

      We are creating an epub book in InDesign CC (I'm converting it over to InDesign 2014 now), and am wondering if I would be committing a horrible publishing error by putting the captions BEFORE the image.  The reason I like this approach is because it lets the reader know in advance that an image is coming,  Our images sometimes contain rather lengthy caption explanations and credit lines and I feel that if they appear BELOW the image, they might not be understood as well and might take away from the image itself.  I have inserted a page break before the image when exporting so that the image has its own page and can be rotated and zoomed by the viewer without having to worry about the caption being attached to it.  I'm a photographer and the images are quite important in the entire scheme of the book.  I really didn't like the way the captions were attached to the image when inserted in the normal way below, but I suppose that could be corrected?  The caption seemed to have no space between the image and the text and was crowded together.  I'm not a code writer, so like to keep things simple.  Any suggestions?  By the way, some of our images are horizontal and some vertical, and they work out just fine in 640 x 960 format.

      Small Town Gal