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    custom scrollbar stops working in EdgeCC

    Ian750 Level 1

      I have found an interesting problem where a call to mCustomScrollbar (V2.8) in EdgeCC only works once.

      It is worth noting that this problem did *not* occur in prior versions of Edge.


      The following code will work the first time it is executed in EdgeCC (i.e the scrollbar appears and works fine),

      but the next time the timeline returns to run this code again, the html is displayed (as static text), but *without* the scrollbar.


      Any ideas what changed in either EdgeCC, or mCustomScrollbar (V2.8) ?  



      sym.$("Contents").html("<p>Page1 Dolor sit amet risus quis, etc...</p>");






                 enable: true,

                scrollAmount: 60




      ==== Just for the record, these are the js files loaded on the Stage =====

      yepnope({nope:[ 'css/jquery.mCustomScrollbar_v2.8.css',




                          ],complete: init});

      function init (){