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    ColdFusion 11 FORM variables not detected

    russell mcginnis Level 1

      Just installed ColdFusion 11 onto a Windows 8.1 desktop running IIS8. I have been developing ASP.Net applications on this configuration without any problems.


      When I create a simple HTML page with a FORM, posting to a CFM page that references form variables through #FORM.variablename# I get an error saying variablename is undefined. The simple FORM page contains only textboxes, no checkboxes and even when I convert the simple HTML page into a CFM page and use <cfform> it makes no difference.


      I have used FIDDLER to monitor the traffic and have verified that the request to the CFM page is a POST and that the body has the form variables as is expected.


      I have also run this setup with the same CFM pages on a Windows 7 desktop without issue, so I am confident it is nothing to do with the code, but the setup of ColdFusion and/or the configuration within IIS.


      Anyone else seen this or have an idea where to start ?