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    Embedding owner copyright watermark signatures/passwords so that users cannot edit or print documents without permission


      I am a graphic designer and use many Adobe programs to create artwork for print, web and animations including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign. I would like to be able to embed an "invisible" watermark as well as copyright information in my files so that if you do not enter a password, you can not use that artwork by editing or modifying it, printing it, taking screen shots or stealing it in any visual shape or form.


      I recently had to create a nightclub poster for a client as part of a job interview. I created the InDesign club poster and submitted it as a jpg and PDF file to the client. Before doing this, from within InDesign I went to File/ File info and went to Origin. Here I entered all my information: name, date created, state, city, country etc. I do not see where a designer's rights are protected. I want to be able to have a check-box where it asks me create a watermark with a file of my own and password protect my file. These two protective measures should be easy to embed in your PDF or JPG images in a way that unauthorized users can NOT visually see them at all and Photoshop them out so if your artwork is stolen, you can prove it and be able to get compensated for stolen artwork.


      Creating a visual watermark is easy, but you could photoshop this out which I've seen many times. I want to be able to embed a password which I could set restrictions on. I could set it to not allow a user to open the file in the first place without a password; allow a user to open a file but not be able to edit it without a password, be able to open a file and not be able to print and or take a screen shot without a password.


      If I were to throw a PDF file exported from InDesign into Acrobat I believe I could put a password on it that would require a user to enter a password before viewing, but I want them to be able to view it but not be able to then use it without my permission.


      Does anyone know how I could do this or if this feature could be added to ALL adobe programs?