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    Question about Camera Object

    DigiMan74354 Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      I'm a bit stumped and hope someone here can offer me a little more guidance. I need to display the camera in my Flash program and can't seem to get it working. I'm working within Flex Builder2. I have a mx:Video Display object on my form called "myVideoDisplay" and I am attempting to attach the default camera to it.

      In a CDATA block, I have the following code:

      import flash.media.camera;

      var myCamera:Camera = Camera.get();

      According to everything I've read this should attach to the camera and display the security dialog. But, instead, I get the following errors:

      "Access to undefined property myCamera"
      "Access to undefined property myVideoDisplay"

      One thing I've noticed is that when I am typing the Camera.get line the automatic help does not display the get() method as a choice at all but rather the getCamera() method. Has the get() method been deprecated in favor of getCamera()?

      Anyone can clue me into what I am doing wrong?

      Thanks in Advance,