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    Contribute 3.11 closes abruptly when opening a site

      About 5 users have access to a Contribute website and 4 of them have no problem accessing the site from Contribute. One of the users can't access the site at all.

      The user can successfully create a connection to the website, but when Contribute trys to open the site, the program abruptly shuts down without giving any errors.

      It only happens from one specific computer trying to access one specific website. Connections to other websites work just fine. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the software.

      Is there some additional cached files that need to be cleared? Is there some file that needs to be fixed on the website? HELP!
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          Is this particular users computer of a lower spec than the rest?

          This could possibly be a computer setup / hardware issue, in particular, if the computer does not have much memory, then perhaps when loading the page it is causing a memory overload and the application is crashing.

          You have to ask yourself what is different about this particular user's computer and take it from there.