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    BC questions


      Why it is so complicated to find answers about the all programs on ADOBE even if we are the real customer ???


      Why don't you have a pdf guide of "how used BC" and so on for example ?

      1/ where is the page with the prices for hosting websites created by MUSE ?

      I must prepare a "master plan" to a customer but I have no idea about it because I can't find these details.

      2/ we can be the host for few (?) of our customers websites without the businesscatalyst.com at the end of the domain name I read it....

      so HOW to do that ? How it costs ? in euros please ? May I get the all details (month /years and so on)


      Thank you for your simply answers !

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          Lynda-S Level 4

          Let me see if I can answer a few questions for you:


          First, you will never see a PDF guide to BC. There is too much to put into a PDF guide.


          Start by reading a few resources:


          The BC Documentation - BC Help & support


          For additional tutorials check out Business Catalyst | BC Gurus  -  Note: this site has free and paid tutorials.


          If you are using Creative Cloud you have five free basic sites with Business Catalyst. If you need more than a basic site you will have to upgrade your site. See this page here - US Monthly Pricing | Adobe Business Catalyst - for pricing. This applies to all sites regardless of if you are using Muse or another program.


          I am unsure what you mean by "master plan". Maybe a proposal to the client? This doesn't have to do with BC and will need more detail to help you along.


          Once you have your site built in BC you publish the site or take the site live with your domain name. Read the Going live guide for more information on how this works and how to do it.

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            sofsound Level 1

            Dear Lynda thank you for your answer.

            First, yes I know that I can use for 5 free sites but what means "BASIC website ?"... 

            Also, do these web sites be without "businesscatalyst.com at the end of the names domain of my customers ?

            Is the price for a month is a price for 1 NO BASIC (?) website ???

            I am also french and the prices I must give to my own customers are in euros. I can see just dollars!

            it seems Adobe is always for american people and it is really difficult to find answers for french people.

            Even if I love America, sometimes I feel alone in these all files we can find everywhere on the adobe platform.

            I regret to lost so many times to look for an answer.

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hey there.


              How basic?

              These are the BC plans: http://www.businesscatalyst.com/pricing/yearly You

              You get less features from the very bottom, things like no emails. What you see when you log in to the admin is what you get.

              IF and when you take one of those creative sites live you need a domain, and then under site settings in the admin you can configure your domain. Lots of information on that, Lynda linked you a going live guide for example, if you read that you would see it talking about domain setup.


              With a Creative Cloud BC site there is no monthly fee. Only if you upgrade or build a BC site on a different plan.

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                sofsound Level 1

                Thank you Liam for your kind help.

                I bought a domain name on godaddy,

                then I put the 3 DNS ip BCatalyst at the rights places on godaddy,

                then I put the name domain on the BCatalyst page of my website.

                Actually when I clic on the website to see if it is correct (on my BCatalyst website page)

                Safari says he can't find the page.

                I am on creative cloud so I know I have the right to be hosted for 5 basic websites...

                So what is this new problem ?

                I am asking me....