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    How to make PDFs available for viewing online only

    A. Wayne Webb Level 1

      Sorry for the odd thread title — it is the only one that makes sense.


      I work for a small non-profit historical group.  We are digitizing to archival standards a collection of newspapers and periodicals and want to make them available to the public.  However we do not want to just put the PDF out there as that offers opportunities for theft.  Some of the already released material has already been lifted from Archives.Org and is now being sold on CDs and the Internet by for-profit nefarious people.


      So..., is there a way to take the PDF and have it so that it will not work unless it is viewed on our website?  In other words, if a person downloads the file to their computer it will not work?  I think it should be possible to include a java script routine somewhere whereby if the file is opened online, it opens.  But if a person downloads it to their computer and tries to open the file and does not see a small script file, it does not open.  OR, is it possible to give each file it's own certificate for online use only?


      A sample PDF can be viewed here.


      Thank you one and all for any replies,
      A. Wayne Webb