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    Flex for Web/Graphics Designers


      I am a hard core web graphics designer and have worked extensively in designing websites and web applications using CSS and HTML. I have also created interactive presentations in Flash but to the basic navigation level and not advance action scripting. I do not have much knowledge in programming.

      I would want to know how Flex works for web graphics designers? What capabilities I will have to build into myself so that I will be able to work on Flex and also propose solutions while discussing with clients and developers?

      It will be great help if any of you can guide me to become and expert with Flex?

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          Rahul Mainkar
          Hi Amit,
          First of all, let me know why you want to switch into flex.As far as flex is concerned very much programming is involved .But once the basics are strong, you as a graphic designer will have an upper hand. I ll advice you to go to the following link and read about flex 2 in its documentation


          I hope this may have made the picture a bit clear.

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            Bonzi2111 Level 1
            Hi Rahul,

            Thanks for the link. Let me go thorugh it and I'll get back to you on that.

            The reason for getting into Flex is: I feel it is related to Flash and its really been a long time since i was deciding to get into some programming (especially actionscripting). After introduction of Flex, i thought it will be good to learn Flex as an upcoming medium in creating RIAs by using actionscripting. In a way I will get a chance to clear my fundamentals of programming which I am looking forward to as the first step to learn the logic of programming. Correct me if I'm worng.

            I am open to doing courses also if needed. Please help me in that.
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              Rahul Mainkar Level 1
              You can learn Flex 2 and AS 3.0 on www.lynda.com. I havent used it but had alot of bloggers recommending it. Adobe also has certification exam for Flex2 developers. you can check it out on http://prometric.com