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    How do I update label names in images?

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      Over time, I've changed the way I use the star ratings and the labels.


      So, if I have an image with a green label that's named X and I change the green label to be Y, HOW do I get the image to have Y and a green label instead of X and a white label?


      I can't find a method in the search that looks at the label text in the image, so how do I find all the images with "X" so I can change them to "Y"?

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          In your Catalog panel, select All Photographs

          Go to Library and select Grid view.

          Hit the [ \ ] key to activate the Library Filter

          Change the first column to be Label

          In the Labels that appear underneath click on the one you want to change

          [Ctrl/Cmd][ A ] to select all

          In the Metadata Panel on the RH side change the text in the Label field

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            DavePinMinn Level 1

            Thanks Rikk..........


            Internal groans and laughter here!  That's exactly WHAT I UNDID!!!!!!!!!!  I activated the library filter, and on the "Label" pane, I replaced label with Metadata status (never even LOOKED at the label data) - which didn't work, then opened text and tried putting in the label names, which didn't work, then I did a search through all the menu pulldowns, then an Internet search....  Had I actually LOOKED at the data in "label", I'd have saved myself a lot of fiddling and a bit of embarrassment!


            Off to change a LOT of labels!