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    Black Screen render problem

    simple ix

      When I try render it is a black screen then makes a sheep noise PLEASE HELP I'm using a macbook air

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          davidallanturner Level 1

          The sound you are hearing, is the sheep having too much grass.


          This is a general render error. If you want more information on what is causing this crash, you should check your render error logs.
          You can find where they are stored in the Render Settings --> Log menu.


          That being said, it is usually three things that cause this. Two common, one uncommon.
          The biggest culprit is a plugin which is rendering badly.
          The second, is a codec which is not encoding properly.

          The far third, is that your RAM is dumping.


          If you want to post those, maybe we can take a look and talk you through it, but without knowing more about what's going on, we can't just tell you what is causing the problem.


          Good Luck


          -David A Turner

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            bogiesan Level 4

            Have you ever successfully rendered anything out of AE or is this your first project?