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    Get the button ID

      Consider the code below:

      <mx:Repeater id="colRep" dataProvider="{colOneColection}">
      <mx:LinkButton id="btn" label="{colRep.currentItem.label}" click="showText(event,'0')"/>

      When we click any of the LinkButton, the id of LinkButton will be passed as an array to showText function. Now my question is that how I come to know that which LinkButton is clicked from the array it passed to showtext function.

      Also I want to know how to get the number of nodes in an XML file. For example:


      How I can get the number of sample nodes in the above example.

      Any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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          dimival Level 1
          Use the currentTarget property of the event to obtain the id, like this:

          public function showText(event:Event):void

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            thedex1 Level 1
            Dear Dimival,

            I really thank you for replying me with what I badly need. I realy thank you very much. My MSN account ID is "de.xsense@hotmail.com". I would greatly appreciate if either you add me to your contact list or let me know your email address. I am not asking your hotmail ID to ask you a lot of questions, just would like to be a friend to share new ideas and knowledge.

            Thanks again