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    Lightroom 5.5 and Digital Photo Professional 4

    Don Nieman

      My workflow includes processing my Canon 6D RAW files in LR exporting them in reduced size JPG format to a folder on my external drive and then opening up the images in Digital Photo Professional (versions 3 and 4) to review and tweak before submission.

      I updated to LR5.5 and DPP4 simultaneously (stupid). Now when I follow the above work flow, the JPG files created in LR5.5 can not be read in DPP4 (or DPP3). I have called Canon, they are not aware of the issue and had no really good feedback. DPP4 can read all other previous LR JPGs created prior to the update to LR5.5.

      I have uninstalled DPP3 and 4 and reinstalled DPP 4 with same results.

      Anybody on the Lightroom end know of any possible explanation?