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    Does LR do auto orientation for Portrait framed pictures?

    Picturequest Level 1

      Lightroom 5.3 Win7 x64


      I shoot a Panasonic GH-2. In Camera and in other apps I have it seems as though the Landscape and portrait orientated photos are displayed correctly without me having to manually rotate say a portrait oriented shot. Can LR do that for me? I'm guessing it is tagged in the metadata somewhere? I have 4000 images and would hate to go through and manually re orient half of them?

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          SausalitoDog Level 2

          The quick answer is YES they should. But I notice one now and then that does not and I've just fixed it manually.


          I don't know exactly where LR gets the instruction to do it, but it must be in the camera metadata. If you take some pix and they rotate correctly, then I think you will be stuck with the older ones - though I'm sure that someone here will have a good idea about sorting them and doing a batch rotate rather than one by one...


          Sorry this isn't definitive but might get you one track...


          good luck