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    Lightroom installation issues


      A few months ago I tried Lightroom 5 with the 30-day free trial. Today I purchased a software download card from an office supply store to buy lightroom. I followed the instructions and entered the code on my purchased card to retrieve the serial number. After I entered the serial number there was the option on the webpage to download lightroom. I clicked that and ran the installer and now when I open up Lightroom it's still taking me to the screen that I saw after my 30 days were up (the "i have a serial number and want to license lightroom" v. "I want to try" screen.) I click next and enter my serial number (again) and it tells me that the serial number is invalid. I don't know how to avoid this. I don't know if it's because I already entered the serial number to download it in the first place but if that's the case, how to I avoid this screen and get into lightroom. I already deleted my trial version and redownloaded lightroom and it still didn't work.


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!