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    Simple Actionscript problem

    WebmastaDj Level 1
      Just received my new CS3 Web Premium in the mail yesturday and have been playing around with it, specially with flash. Do need some help with it though while I my trying to learn it. I have C++, VB, and PHP experience but have never really played around with actionscript as far as programing (used it to do basic event actions back in MX 2004). Anyways, to the point. I can't get this code to work. I am assuming I need to change the string to an integer, but not sure how.

      Here is the code:
      import fl.events.*;
      import flash.events.*;

      btnCalc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, calculate);

      function calculate(e:Event):void {
      var Num1:Number = txtNum1.text;
      var Num2:Number = txtNum2.text;
      lblOutput.text = Num1 + Num2;