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    Previewing Movie

      I'm running captivate 1.01 on xp professional. After creating a movie, I'm trying to preview the movie and it stops after the first slide, does anyone know what could cause this. I've been looking every where and can't find anything on this.
      Thanks ahead of time. Lisa
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lisa and welcome to our community

          Look closely at the Timeline for slide 1. You will probably find one of the following items there.

          1. Click Box
          2. Button
          3. Text Entry Box

          Any of these objects are interactive. This means they pause the slide they are on until your end user interacts with them. Odd are that you got into the Recording Options ( Options > Recording Options... ) and changed your recording mode from Demonstration to one of the Simulation types. When you record in a Simulation mode, Captivate inserts these types of objects so that the slides pause and your user is expected to click where you clicked when you recorded the movie.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick