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    How to make the product-info-textfields tidy?

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am solving one problem, but it results to several questions (set in bold):


      I am about to create a product catalog, based on design createdy by someone else. There are product cells on the page. Each cell contains image & info, as usual. This is one example of the cell:



      Have a look how the bottom textfields are build:



      It seems to me as one huge mess. The file was prepared by hyper-professional-looking-studio. They used separated textfields for each chunk of information. I expected something more elegant — one or two textfields with precise paragraph spacing and of course with paragraph rules. I would like to ask you: Is this approach considered as industry standard? What if client will ask for increasing the fontsize?…


      Do you thing, that it could be caused by some automate typeseting third party program or script like this one? S Publishing


      I tried to make it more tidy. So I decided to use as little textfields as possible. But I am clueless now. I want to recast all these tree textfields…



      …into one. So I put all the text into one textfield. Each kind of info as a separate paragraph. But I can't force the last paragraph to get upwards:



      I tried to increase the number of columns from 1 to 2, I was playing with the Text Frame Options, but no chance to manage it.


      So let me please ask another question: could be this paragraph forced to move puwards?


      And last one(s):


      If you see the product-cell: Which is, in your opinion, the minimal amount of textfields to fit all this text? I assume, that the „M“ and  S—XXL have to land in separate textfield. Or could all the text be in one textfield?

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          MW Design Level 5

          If I wasn't using a catalog plug-in...


          I would make a page layout with separate text frames (with placeholder text), the size labels and an empty image frame for the product, and select everything and drag the layout into the library panel. I would do that for the basic variations. Then when I added a page, drag the type of library item onto the page and change the text, add the image and move to the next page.




          Edit to add. You can move the one block of text up using baseline shift. But that much shift makes it difficult to select/edit the text. The screen shot shows a massive amount (65 pts if I recall). The black is actually the selected text that appears above due to baseline shift. In short, your flying blind on editing text unless you use the story editor.



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            ChristianAaltonen Level 1

            Thank you Mike,


            OK, so the separated textfields are the way. I had a look at the EasyCatalog plugin, but the price is really serious, so I will follow your library solution.