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    How can I convert (or switch) the RGB percent values from the LR histogram into RGB values which are shown e. g. in PS/CameraRAW?


      In LR 5.5 (same in previous versions) the RGB values in the histogram are shown in percent (relativ) values. I prefere to see the absolute values, but I can`t find any way to switch. Maybe this option is intentional disabled, because LR works in 16-Bit mode this would result in values up to 2^16. But as i compared the relativ values from LR with the absolute values from PS i run into a conversion problem. The following example shows the differences:



      CameraRAW : RGB, 128,0,0

      Lightroom: RGB, 43,8%, 19,0%, 6,2%


      CameraRAW: RGB, 0,128,0

      Lightroom: RGB, 29,8%, 47,5%, 17,5%



      Mainly i have two questions:

      1. Is there any possibility to change the percent RGB values in LR to absolut values?

      2. How can i convert CameraRAW values to LR values (see above)?