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    Blurry previews / Zooming AND holding mouse button shows sharp image!




      I think this problem exists since Lightroom 4 (or longer). The previews are not sharp. Full screen mode has a slight blur too. Now comes the funny part.

      When I click the loupe and HOLD THE CLICK, it shows the sharp image. If I click WITHOUT holding the mouse button, it zooms in (to the ratio I have set), but the image is slightly blurry. Interestingly for a few milliseconds after clicking (without holding), it shows the sharp image, but goes aways right after. So, I have to click and hold to see the sharp image and check if it is sharp enough.


      Well, at least I have found a workaround for me, but I wonder why Adobe doesn't manage to fix this...


      Anyway, it might help a few guys out there who experience the same problem with unsharp preivews.