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    animating vector shapes

    joelucio_ Level 1

      I am trying to animate a logo in after effects. The logo has three letter I's made up of arrow shapes. I would like the arrow shapes to increase in height but I simply have no idea how to do this in after effects. Should I draw the shape in AE? Should I import vector shapes? The logo shape is attached below. I'd like each arrow to grow in series from smallest to largest. Maybe someone can explain how to animate one of the arrows and I can build on that to animate the rest of the shapes?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are several ways to do this. One is to animate the shape layer or mask path. The other is to create layered artwork in Illustrator with arrow shapes that are longer than needed, then must animate. If the artwork is already created it would help to know how it was done. If you want to create the shapes from scratch then you can simply copy each of the arrow shapes using the pen tool in AE, or by using other drawing tools. Another solution would be to create a triangle and a rectangle, then animate the position of the triangle and the scale of the rectangle. The only thing that is kind of constant in the project is that each layer that is a different color should probably be unique.


          If you have no idea what I'm talking about the check out the help files on animating shape layers and animating paths.

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            joelucio_ Level 1

            Thanks, I ended up exporting the shape as a png then importing into AE. I created a mask the same size and shape as the smallest arrow then animated the mask upwards to reveal the shape. This seemed to work out fine. I was complicating it in my mind more than I needed to. After Effects seems like such a huge undertaking but I'm determined to learn it by doing small things like this. I appreciate your help, Rick Gerard. Thanks!