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    Batch command not closing files automatically




      Photoshop CS6

      Windows 7


      How do you make Photoshop automatically save and close a batch of raw files during batch runs?


      I'm just now trying the File>Automate>Batch command. I want to run an action on a bunch of .NEF raw files.


      How do you get rid of all the dialogs and just make the thing do the action? i.e., just OpenTheRawFile>RunTheAction>SaveAndClose>DoTheNextFile


      First it opened them all up one by one in Camera Raw and the ACR window stayed open until I clicked Open Image. So I checked Suppress File Open Options Dialog in the Batch command. That fixed that problem. But Batch left all the files open in Photoshop, didn't close any of them.


      So I went back into my action and added a file close. While recording the action I clicked Yes to save changes before closing the file.


      However, the batch now pops up that same dialog box after each file asking me if I want to save the file before exiting. This defeats the whole purpose of the Batch command.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Do not use Batch, use one of the available Image Processor scripts instead.  If your RAW files have been converted before and have associated ACR setting, The RAW files will be converted  using these settings by ACR and ACR will bypass displaying its dialog. If the RAW files have no associated ACR settings the Image Processor scripts have an option that you can use to have the Image Processor open the first RAW file via ACR  where ACR will open its dialog. The settings you set will be used to convert all the RAW files processed in the current run of the Image Processor.


          Image Processor Pro is available on the web for downloading and is more flexible and powerful then the Image Processor that is shipped with Photoshop. You can set it up to save as many Image File for each file processed. The size and File Type you need.


          You can have the Image Processor Pro include in its process an action you create for file that are saved. It can be the same action or different action for each of the file save you set up.