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    Lightroom Raw V Aperture Raw


      Hi all

      I'm just trying Lightroom as an alternative to Aperture now that Apple has dumped on us. All in all very happy with LR. My question. When I first load a RAW image into LR (prior to making any alterations) the colours appear far more murky/washed out than those in Aperture, am I doing something wrong on import am I missing a setting specific to my Nikon? For example I have a shot of a mountain camping trip. In Aperture the trees are greener, my tent is a bright mustard yellow. All in all a much better starting point for alterations than the same image in LR.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          I think this is fairly normal for Lightroom, you need to edit the photos to your liking. You can change the camera profile used by Lightroom to result in colors more to your liking. You can set up a preset that is applied at import to change camera profile or increase saturation or vibrance or contrast or whatever you want.