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    Passing a dataset


      How do i pass the dataset from flex to aspx

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          batmitra Level 1
          The quick answer is ,you don't.

          At least directly, but there is a way, you need to get with a webservice or a HTTP Service, but there is a catch , if you're using asp.net 1.x then flex doesn't play well with those webservices, but asp.net 2 does it well.

          To bypass this you need to build a webservice that queries your database, and then put the result of your query, your dataset , into an array of objects, beeing each row of your dataset, an element of the array.
          that way, when you get to flex, you need to grab the result of the webservice and turn it into an arraylist, then you can apply that as a dataprovider to every component you need.
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            rajeeva_nagaraj Level 1

            I came to know that, when i bind a httpservice to a datagrid and if i make any changes in on the datagrid that will directly update the http service, now how can i pass the updated http service back to aspx page so that i can interact with database easily

            plz find me some way to do that

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              batmitra Level 1
              i am sorry but i didn't understand what you're trying to do , do you want to get some data from your database when you select an item in the datagrid? Is that?