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    Highlight Search Terms in Topics

    charlesarnold Level 1

      I want to deploy Calvin's method to highlight the search terms in topics that result from a search. My project has about 450 topics, and the prospect of select/edit/paste/scroll/paste/save 450 times is intimidating.

      I tried to paste the code in the template, but the function did not work - no highlighting.

      Does anyone know an efficient way to insert the required code in the topic files?


      Charles Arnold
      MetLife DI
      Tampa, Florida

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Use a multi file find and replace tool.

          Search for the tag immediately before or after where you want to add the code and replace with that tag plus the code.

          That assumes all your topics have the same relative path back to the script. If not you will need to carry out several passes.

          If you use something like FAR (www.helpware.net) you can search for the style sheet at different levels. In some topics it will be stylesheet.css, in others it will be ..\stylesheet.css and so on. Use FAR to find each level and delete all other files from the FAR list. (That only deletes the files from the list, not the disk). You then have a list of topics at one level and use that for the first find and replace.

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            Hi ,

            I have been working on Robohelp for the past 9 months. recently i found a problem in my web help generated by robohelp.I have imported word documents in the robohelp and generated web help. Now in my documents, i have various headings. Now the problem which i face is that , in the Search engine of the Web help, when I type the whole heading and enter the Search engine, it does not work. I mean to say that the relevent page related with that Heading does not get found by the Search. but when I type half of the same Heading and enter the Search engine, it works.
            I do not know why does this happen.
            Please bring the solution for me. I will be very thankful to everybody.
            Thanks and Regards,
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi techplayer and welcome to our community

              This post has been cross posted. Please ask in a single location and if we are able to respond, it will be responded to. Anyone wishing to reply to this post should reply to this thread

              Cheers... Rick
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                techplayer Level 1
                Hi Rick,
                Thanks for the message.
                Do u understand my query? I will be highly thankful if you are able to provide any solution for my query.
                Thanks and Regards,
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                  charlesarnold Level 1

                  Thanks for the solution. I used this tool once, and it was quite intuitive.

                  Also, looking back on the four months of issues with my RoboHelp installation, I think the source may have been installing the update without admin rights on my computer.

                  Even though I've experience first hand the multiple malfunctions that occur when you install the application without the required administrative rights, it never occurred to me that the updates also required administrative rights.

                  My site support folks were getting testy, but I think we have friendly relations again.

                  Thanks again,

                  Charles Arnold
                  MetLife DI
                  Tampa, Florida