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    Can't open D810 RAW files, even after ACR 8.6 RC download!


      Hi all,


      I bought the D810 upon it's release on Thursday and shot a wedding with it yesterday. Got to downloading all the shots this morning though and found that my current version of PS (5.1) wouldn't read the NEF files.


      Did some reading and realised that 5.1 doesn't support the D810 NEF files and that I'll have to upgrade to PS CC (I know there are options like converting all images to DNG but that seems ridiculously time consuming and, from what I've seen of DNG files, loses functionality with ACR!).


      Anyway, my question is that having downloaded the trial version of PS CC (before purchasing the full subscription) AND download ACR 8.6 RC, I still can't get PS to open my NEF files. I just keep getting a message saying:


      Photoshop can't open this file

      If you are attempting to open a raw file from a digital camera, make sure you have the latest camera raw update installed via Help>Updates


      I've done that as well, but it says everything is up to date!


      Clearly I'm just missing a step somewhere, so any help you guys could give would be very much appreciated, as I currently have 1200 wedding photos that I can't do very much with!!


      Thanks in advance

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          HybridPeter Level 1

          Ok, not entirely sure what I did but it's now working (Bizarre!). The only thing I did was 'eject' the ACR 8.6 .dmg file from the finder side bar and restart PS CC, so that may have been where I was going wrong all along!


          However, I now have another issue in that there is no preview of the shot in Finder on my iMac when I highlight the NEF file. I assume this is simply because Apple haven't yet released an update for the new D810 NEF files and so the computer doesn't know what it's looking at?!?


          If anyone has any other ideas though, then I'm more than willing to listen.


          Thanks again.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What version of PS are you using?  If PS CS 5.1, then ACR 8.6 will not work with it, although perhaps Adobe has relaxed their version check so it is somehow temporarily working during the beta period.


            ACR 8.6 final will work with PS-CS6/CC/CC2014, but not older PS versions.


            What you can do with older PS versions is use the DNG Converter 8.6 to convert the D810 NEF files to DNGs with the ACR version compatibility option set old enough for the version of ACR you’re using with your PS.  The default is 7.1 which is too knew to work with PS’s older than CS6.