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    Clearing & Arrangement Problems

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      **NOTE** This page is constantly being worked on, so if you don't see
      something, then please email/IM me and I will check. I really am lookin
      gforward to your input on this/these problems.

      Two problems - stacking correctly is really what both of them have to do

      I have repeating div's setup best displayed here:


      This is OK, but what I would rather is for the 4th one to go up under the
      second one (numbers are at the end of each title).

      Any ideas on how to do that? They're generated in-line, and I have them set
      to switch on every other one to right or left float. I also have clear:
      left on the left float, and clear right on the right. Before I did this,
      they were indeed stacking, but the right float was stacking next to the
      previous right float.

      My second issue is mainly clearing. On the same page, if you have selected
      an article to view, often the image is larger than the article (or at least
      in my testing, which could happen). I would like to "clear" the div that
      contains the article, but it doesn't seem to pick up the image that's in
      there. As it is now, the section 1 of the repeated news titles is "next" to
      the image being displayed.




      Jon Parkhurst