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    Mezzo Silverweb

      I want to thank the Adobe people for the halp with my problem, although they did not let me know it had been done.

      Since I was having this problem and my ebook seller on my Adobe ID is Adobe ID, they had to reset the licenses

      for the books so I could download them again.  This has partially fixed my problem. On my laptop, I did not think

      (senior moment) to use my existing Adobe ID, I just didn't authorize the computer.  I downloaded all the books and

      it worked fine, but I have some books that I can not access again to complete my collection of purchases.  The

      books in question are:


      At Grave’s End Jeaniene Frost

      Touched Allegra Skye

      Vowed Morgan Rice

      Betrothed Morgan Rice

      One Grave at a Time Jeaniene Frost


      If you can reset the license on these then I can complete my series.


      Thank you.