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    Free Flash - Java Integration solution

      I am a Java developer and pretty new to flash. I have developed a
      Java Swing application and would like to replace the Swing (the GUI
      part) with Flash. In other words, I am thinking about having flash be
      my front end and have Java in the backend. This is going to be a non-
      browser based application.

      It is extremely important for me to spend as little as possible on
      software licenses as I have a very tight budget.

      My thoughts on the architecture are as follows:

      Keep the server side and most of the application business logic in
      Java, convert the GUI part ONLY to flash and use flash action scripts
      to connect the GUI with the backend and business logic. Then I am
      thinking about running the application in Apollo. I do not want to
      use Flex as it imposes a huge costs to my application development and deployment.

      Now, my questions are:

      1) Is the above architecture a viable solution?

      2) If I adopt the above architecture, is it true that I do not have
      to pay license fees to Adobe for commercial usage of the software I
      am developing?

      3) Is Apollo stable enough to be able to use it in production
      environment since my application is going to be non-browser based?

      4) Any suggestions/flaws/improvements on the above architecture with
      having minimal costs in mind?

      5) Finally, any thoughts on what the architecture is for poker.com? I
      know it is a flash based application, but the fact that it is a non-
      browser based application is of interest to me.