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    Best or latest After Effects

    David Trap

      Hey, guys.


      I'm in the process of making my first amateur / home made movie, Our War, and I would like to edit it After Effects.

      I have never used After Effects before, but wanted the best or latest After Effects there is on the market.

      It's not all the time the newest versions are always the best, so I either want the best version or the latest version of After Effects.

      It doesn't matter if it's complicated or not to learn, I will eventually learn my way around it.

      As long as I can edit full HD videos, the movie will last an hour plus.

      Because I've never used it before, I have no idea what I'm looking for, that's why I need your guys help to help me find the best / latest version possible.


      Thank you


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, you do not want to edit in After Effects. It is not a non linear editor. I have been making films, editing films, producing visual effects professionally for 44 years and I would never attempt to edit a movie in After Effects. After Effects is for creating effects shots, motion graphics, short sequences and that is all. If you want to edit you need a NLE. Mocrosoft Movie Maker, iMovie will get you started with editing. Premiere Pro or even Premiere Essentials are what you want to use to edit.


          The first step in making a movie is a script and then production planning. The last step is editing. In between you need to learn how to direct, block action, shoot, plan for and shoot for special effects, record the sound, editing and mix the sound track. After Effects is the smallest portion of that equation. After Effects also has probably the longest learning curve of any of the tools you will use to make your movie. Worrying about which version is best is the least of your problems. Learning how to tell a story with picture and sound should be your first concern. If you can't use a smart phone to record and edit a movie then After Effects won't help you make your movie. Adobe only offers it's latest software for sale so as long as you have a computer that meets the minimum system requirements, you can have the latest and best tools available from Adobe or anyone else.