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    Flex 2 SDK Tutorials

    scooter5791 Level 1
      I recently started reading up and learning a little about Flex 2.0. I work a lot with Coldfusion and it seems like a good match. I have very little Flash / AS experience although I have been a developer using many other languages (CF, VB, C#, JSP, etc) for a number of years so I know I can handle the coding aspect fine. And years ago I did a lot of Macromedia Director work which is at least somewhat similar to Flash.

      What I am looking for is some good basic tutorials for database-driven apps using only the SDK - I am not quite ready to spend the $500 on the IDE just yet. I did download the 30-day demo, but (as usual) I got too busy and didn't do enough with it before it ran out. Now I have the SDK downloaded and working (I even found a neat bit of code to compile the .mxml documents right from the command menu in Dreamweaver which is nicer and a lot more convenient compiling in a command prompt window.

      Please provide some good links to relevent sdk articles and tutorials. I want to see mostly how to build the UI, call out to a Coldfusion page to get a data query and return the results back to the UI. We use mostly Oracle at work but I will be playing at home using MySQL. I would like to see examples of both. I am sure we won't be using the Flex Data Services (at least not yet).

      Thanks in advance.