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    How to get Lightroom to start syncing again from the Mac desktop app?


      Two days ago Lightroom stopped syncing to my iPad and iPhone. After adding about 15 photos to a sync'd folder they still show as syncing in the desktop app after more two days (3 dots under the to way arrow in the upper right corner of the thumbnail). When I go to View on Web they are not in the web view so I'm almost certain the photos are not making it off the desktop. If a create a new sync'd folder on the desktop the folder itself syncs to the IOS devices but none of the photos in the folder are synced.


      What I've tried but doesn't work:

      • Create new folders and sync them
      • Turn "Link with Lighrtoom Mobile" off/on
      • Sign ou/in in preferences
      • Exit Lightroom (which shows a message that phots are syncin) and restart
      • Restart Mac
      • Delete and reinstall Lightroom

      I am on OSX 10,9.3.

      Thanks for any help.