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    After upgrading to CC 2014 gray gamma is reset


      After upgrading to CC 2014 I finding all of my grayscale images (several thousands) are showing no color mode setting, or now show gray gamma of 2.2 instead of 1.8.  I am on a PC, and have been printing in gray gamma 1.8.  I convert the images to 1.8, and then save and close the image.  But the same image is shown as gray gamma 2.2.  In order to save the image in gray gamma 1.8 I have to save as...with the same file name.  When I click on save as the default is for mac, not PC as it use to.  When I first started CC 2014 I set the color space to what I was using before.

      1.  What can I do to restore the color space/gray gamma to what it use to be?

      2.  How can I make sure that the save preference is for PC and not Mac?


      Note, now even bridge CS6 shows the wrong gray gamma, or no color setting for an image.


      This is very irritating to have to deal with.