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    CS5 7.0 on Win7: Control-modified shortcuts, arrow keys and even Enter suddenly do nothing


      As title!  All keys work perfectly in every other program, including other Adobe products.  Normal typing works fine, and I can access menu items by pressing Alt and then letters.  But Ctrl-X for example does nothing.  I notice that my workspace is completely reset, not to the default but to a totally bald layout without even the 'Tools' panel.  I have to pull these up from scratch each time I start ID.  This seems to have started at the same time as the key problem, it's just less critical.


      It's all very weird, doesn't seem to have been because of a system update.  I did try a roll back  to the last system restore point just in case.  It didn't make a difference.


      I have also run gpupdate, which seemed to reset a bunch of preferences at a more system level (e.g. last location of 'Open...' dialog) but didn't affect the above.  I disabled Aero theme, checked font scaling was 100% and rebooted Windows in between all of the steps to no avail.

      I then checked keyboard shortcuts and there aren't any assigned actions for any keys.  There's no 'set' defined and the 'Assign' button does nothing.  'New Set' also does nothing when clicked.  It seems like I have some kind of catastrophic preferences Armageddon, although why this would even wipe the behaviour of the arrow keys is beyond me.


      I deleted all preferences and temporary files, this made no difference.  I also did the Ctrl-Alt-Shift on start, that didn't fix it.


      Next step is to reinstall but because my laptop doesn't have a DVD drive that's going to be a bit of an operation.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions!