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    Membership Confusion


      Hey Everyone, I am really baffled.  I used Photoshop several years back, maybe as long as five or six years ago.  Back then we bought the software and there was no membership.  Currently, I am looking to get more serious about photography and wanted to get Photoshop again, but I am confused with all these membership options.  I don't understand why I need a membership.  Is it possible to just purchase the applications I want and be free of a monthly commitment?  I am a student, so I know there are discounts, but I am just really perplexed why the change from free standing software to doing membership.  I know that I can purchase Photoshop Elements in the App Store, but I am use to the full version Photoshop and enjoy the features within it that probably are not in Elements.  I am not a graphic designer, but plan on doing photography as a hobby.  Therefore, I am not sure that for me a monthly commitment will be justified.  I may not get out to take pictures all the time and work on them, so I may end up just paying money for a membership that I may not take advantage of all that often.  Anybody have any insight?  Has anybody used Photoshop Elements and what was your experience like?  Any help is appreciated!



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          I feel the exact same about this situation. I used Photoshop and After Effects just for fun about 4 years ago and now I want to get more serious and I come back to buy the software and I'm so confused about all this membership crap. 1 year for 1 app is about $240 and if I renew thats another $240? And another year $240? Thats insane! We use to pay about $300 and have the software forever. No monthly charges. Really hoping someone can explain this and clear things up... And if I cancel the membership, does my software stop working?