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    Please help me with adobe Fireworks CS6 latest Version..The Worst Version ever made!!!

    Ron David Ben Ishay

      i use mac book pro retina 15', i work as a GUI designer and using all day adobe fireworks cs6 latest edition from the CC There are so much problems inside the App that i really need help, here are some of the issues i need to deal with all day: 1. Select and unselect mouse issue - i can't select or deselect anything from the stage, for selecting something i need to move gently the mouse and then i am able to select or deselect something, this is very annoying and i use a lot of my work time to deal with this thing. because each time its move items not in the way i want..very hard case..must help.   2. Throw me up from the app - The adobe fire work throw me away from the app many time by day, at list 5 time for a day..this is unforgettable, today i lost a work of three hours cause of that..:-(  3. Very slow working system - the adobe firework is so slowly that i am really thinking to move to another software. but all the files of my studio are on this software, so i am trap..:-(  4. Unable to work together with illustrator -  Why? i want to make "copy" - "paste" of icons, GUI elements etc. why this is not working????  Please help me ASAP, i am very unpleased from this situation, i pay you a lot of money and work with Adobe for more than 20 years, please!!!