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    Peer introductions on carrier wireless networks

    tedalde2 Level 2

      Testing Cirrus connections over U.S. wireless networks (AT&T, Verizon, etc) used to have some success, especially when the devices were on the same network. However recently I have had no success connecting peers over these networks, same-wireless-network devices or otherwise.


      When this happens, if I connect a wired/home/office network device, all peers, including wireless ones, immediately connect to the group. However once the wired peer drops (or switches to wireless), all wireless peers disconnect from the group. What used to happen is the group would "heal" over the wireless network and reconnect. Has something changed in Cirrus or Flash Player/AIR, or perhaps the carriers' wireless network configurations are changing? Thanks

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          no changes have been made to Cirrus.  i'm not aware of any changes to Flash Player/AIR that would affect this case.


          when you say the wired/home/office peer joins and then all the wireless peers connect, do they only connect to the wired/home/office peer, or do they also make connections to each other?  if they make connections to each other, then it shouldn't matter if the wired/home/office peer then leaves the group.

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            tedalde2 Level 2

            When the wired peer joins they all (eventually) connect to each other. Once a wired peer drops, the remaining wireless peers disconnect.


            I'm just trying to gather some anecdotal info on viability of wireless-network peer groups. Unfortunately I don't have any real test data, only that I remember it used to work fairly well, now it does not. I'll see if I can develop a more consistent test. Thanks