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    InDesign CS6: Letter "I" dropcaps not retaining their formatting?


      Hello all,


      Hoping to get your help with something. I'm currently working on getting a highly customized book layout into ebook format. Things are going smoothly, except I'm using dropcaps, and when a paragraph starts with the letter "I", the dropcap is not retaining its 3-line depth, as with all the rest. It also cuts the space between it and the next letter (when applicable). I've solved the missing space issue by inserting a white, non-breaking space, but the 3-line depth is the part I'm having an issue with still. Any suggestions?


      Screencaps for reference:


      PRINT FORMAT (don't mind the fuzz... working on Retina, and CS6 has no support):

      Screenshot 2014-07-21 08.50.41.png


      Screenshot 2014-07-21 08.50.58.png