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    can you resize external movies??

    texjgc Level 1
      Here is exaclt what Im doing;

      I have a movie clip that acts as a button on the stage. When you rollover the movieclip, it displays a video. That is the video was created as a seperate file.
      So, I have to use the loadMovie command to display the video. I originally created the video at 172 x 52 resolution, so it can fit "behind" the movie clip that acts as a button.

      So basically when you rollover it the video starts playing.

      The problem is this;

      I rollver and the external movie is loaded and starts playing except for the fact that the width of the external movie is stretched out..I dont get it. Is there a way I can load the .swf file in and then resize it? I am calling the movie in by using a empty movie clip. So the empty movie clip sits on the stage and on rollover the .swf is loaded in to display on rollover of the mc_button I have. If anyone wants an example of what is going on, please let me know I will post something here as example.

      Thanks alot in advance, I am stumped at the moment!