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    Rendering transparent background for website video

    Dallas Kruse Level 1

      I have a comp for a website that I'm doing.


      I have a transparent background and some fading in WHITE text with a light ray animated behind it.


      I have followed instructions on how to render with the transparency intact (Quicktime, PNG, RGB+Alpha, Millions of Colors+).  When I render it out and watch it in Quicktime, the light ray isn't correct and there's no transparency.  Same thing with Final Cut Pro. 

      When I bring the footage back into AE, the transparency is there so I'm assuming that the transparency is there but QT & FC just don't play transparency files.


      I need the transparency bc I want the text to reveal over a background picture I have in my webpage design.


      Is there anyway to get this done right?  I need the file to NOT be 300+ megabytes and when I drag the clip into COMPRESSOR to make it smaller, nothing is showing on the preview screen.  I've been doing some research but haven't found anything to make it work correctly.


      Can someone help me with this?


      In the end, what I'm attempting to do is add the QT video into my iWeb page and have it play. I'm not a coder so I don't know how to make this happen any other way than making a QT movie and then adding it iWeb.


      thanks in advance.