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    Seriously, another memory leak? LR 5.5

    dan3430 Level 1

      I'm using

      windows 8.1 64

      16gb memory

      solid state drive for boot, applications, catalog and cache files


      After exporting a large number of jpegs (in my case ~800-1000) Lightroom begins to become laggy. The biggest issue is switching  back and forth from full screen mode. It takes upwards of 30 seconds for LR to become fully responsive after going fullscreen (ctrl + shift + F) . Restarting LR drops several GB of used ram and the program becomes responsive to all user inputs.


      I didn't notice this in 5.4, so I'm a little worried we're going backwards on the issue of performance killing bugs.


      Are other people noticing this as well or is it related to unique/ specific hardware setups?