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    Issues when duplicating symbols

    ianloh123 Level 1

      Hi all!

      Strange things happen when i use ctrl-D or alt-drag: some of the pasted symbols almost always either become tiny or totally invisible. Is this normal? Am i going about my project the wrong way? I duplicate the symbols in my stage cos i want to reuse the animation while simply changing their positions. Should i instead be dragging new ones from my library every single time?


      Also, i've noticed that performance slows down considerably as i start to make more and more duplicates of symbols. I will likely have at least 100+ symbols in my page by the time i'm through(if i get there), but right now the count is ard 50 and it's already beginning to bog down, though i haven't noticed any errors or warnings besides "svg files require proper web server MIME-type configuration".


      Is there a way to allocate more memory to EA, much like PP or PS?