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    Print Booklet Problem when creating hardcopy


      Hey all,

      I recently designed a 24 page magazine, and assorted all the pages. I then used the feature Print Booklet in order to create the magazine into the form required by the printing company. The document then had the crop marks, but not the bleed, even though i had set it to have a bleed in the "Print settings" menu. The next step I did was make sure that the page size it would be printed on would be A3, and then set it to landscape to ensure that it would fold correctly once it was stapled. I took the PDF file to the printing company, and had it printed.

      However, here is where the problem arose. The company had printed the PDF onto their sheets, and had bundled up the pages into the magazine form, but the size was smaller than an A4, but larger than an A5. Would anyone happen to know why the size became smaller than A4. This means the entirety of the magazine is smaller than an A4 size. The company prints on a sheet of paper larger than A3 in order to use the crop marks and bleed marks.


      When i'm in the Print Settings dialogue after pressing "print booklet", this is what I have chosen. The Original document bleeding is at 3mm. However when they printed it they said they could not see the bleed lines?


      Would it have anything to do with me pressing 'scale to fit'? I have noticed that saving the PDF with 'scale to fit' on shows the crop marks, but i get the error which i stated earlier.

      Another thing i noticed is that when i select the other option, and leave it at 100%, it doesnt give me the crop marks in the PDF. The following screenshots are from adobe reader.

      Screenshot_4.png As you can see, there are crop lines (this was from selecting 'scale to fit').


      Screenshot_3.png As seen here, there are no crop lines (from not selecting 'scale to fit'



      Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is for a major project.