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    Lightroom 5 SlideShow not updating with new tethered imports


      Hi, can anyone assist with an issue I am having, or help draw Adobes attention to it if others are suffering the same way.


      I am trying to use Lightroom 5 and the Slideshow function in conjunction with the tethered shooting option. I have the Slideshow popped out and on a separate monitor, at the same time I am shooting Images from my camera via the built in tethered shooting.  I apply a filter as they populate into a library in Lightroom. The Slideshow is pointed at the Library with All Pictures set as the option. When I run the slideshow the images currently in the library start to display, then when I take more photos and they begin to import in, they are not being pulled in to the slideshow. I then close the show, all the images are there, re-run and the new images start to display. This problem repeats then as I shoot more images with new shots not appearing in the slideshow.


      This used to work in Lightroom 4 but seems not to work in the newer version. Am I missing something? The only thing I can't find is some sort of setting to auto generate previews, is this possible in the newest version as it used to be a tick box option in 4.


      If anyone can help then I would be most grateful as its causing me massive issues and I may have to rollback to LR4 if I can't resolve.